Square Peach Mp3s Terms Of Use & Licensing

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Any and all mp3s purchased from Square Peach can be used for any type of media or website project for either business or personal use and/or can be included in "for profit" projects.

Any Square Peach music can be used for websites, video and film production, games, smartphone apps, Youtube videos, presentations, corporate events, commercial promos and film, Powerpoint or other type of presentations, onhold music, distributed as part of a "CD app" or DVD movie. Can be used as part of a media application like a film, website or software program and may be freely distributed with any of these applications. Mp3s can be part of either a free, or a sold-for-profit package.

Unlimited Use:

Mp3s can be used on an unlimited number of projects or applications. There are no reuse fees for any project or projects the purchaser has created. Purchaser may not distribute any mp3 files individually (as stand alone mp3s) to other parties, corporations or individuals unless the mp3s are part of (used in conjunction with) a film, media, DVD, presentation, website or software package.

Square Peach Mp3s can be freely distributed as part of any commercial or non-commercial media, video, game, app, website, film, CD, DVD, presentation or software package.

License Is Included:

Any music purchased from Square Peach already includes a free use license for any type of project and any and all distribution types. There are no extra or hidden fees to use the music freely for any and all project(s).


Mp3s may not be resold individually or as mp3 groups. The mp3 files may not be distributed to other individuals (given to) other than as part of a media package created or produced by the original purchaser as outlined above.

Purchaser may not claim copyrights on any mp3s sold on this website. Mp3 recording credit to Square Peach may be included in any project or website, but is not required.


Mp3 recording and copyright credit to Square Peach Music does not need to be included for any project. If you do include credit please use square-peach.com as the website URL.


All mp3 website music on this site copyright Square Peach Music and Allwebco Design Corporation.


All music on this website was composed by and/or arranged and created by, and is exclusively owned by Square Peach Music. Square Peach maintains all copyrights and ownership of all selections.

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